With Electricians coveringĀ all south east QLD, coast to coast, bush to the bayside.

  • The ability of a business to run successfully and smoothly often depends on the systems that we install to ensure our records, orders, and financials are always there on demand. And that system relies on the same electricity that supplies the telecommunications, refrigeration, air-conditioning and lighting that support not only those electronic systems, but also the staff that run them.
  • Acton Electrical understands that any form of electrical problem is a major problem for any business, from the individual small business, to large corporations. That is why Acton Electrical pride themselves in providing the fastest, professional and reliable service to all of your business electrical needs, including a 24/7 call out, with same day response. You can feel comfortable in knowing Acton Electrical is always available at any time, for any electrical problem, big or small.